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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Strangers and beaches... Goa Part 2

Read the Beginning before starting here... so you can catch up on the fun i had!! :)

Para sailing..one activity i wanted to do, but dint.. next time!!

Ahh.. the fun continues.. i just knew it~!!  

After all the walking and clicking , we all felt hunger pangs hitting us... Had been gulping down water like nothing, remember i mentioned it was crazy hot?  Promptly, the bus stopped for lunch- good simple khaana... almost like a roadside Dhabba... Burp...spent about 45mins lounging around and then knew it was time to check out more beaches [yes, North goa is filled with beaches... in all Goa has abt 49 beaches.. beat that!!! :-) ] 

Water scooter-- i did that.. what rush.. what fun!!

oh, before hitting the beach, we stopped to visit a temple- Chaurangeenath Temple....  when the bus stopped, no one got off their seat.. The guide then looked around asking - anyone want to visit the temple? I eagerly put up my hand  [heck,i don't know when am gonna come to Goa next, so don't want to miss a thing...he he].. it was met with a few glares and stares, and soon there were others who said Aye, and we streamed out into the temple for a few mins... :)

Legend has it that the God takes any form the minute someone around prays or is in trouble...

What waited ahead was Baga beach and Calangute beach happened..Located between Anjuna and Calangute. Infact, Baga was originally an extension of Calangute Beach... 

                  A local house we passed along..

                                                                                          Another apartment with bright colours that captured my eyes...

Calangute- damn crowded, longgggggggggggggggg, filled with tourists, water sports and what nots....  it was the last stop for the day, i scooted earlier than others cos it was freaking Hot and my head was splitting... crazy!!!!! J had a cold coffee n a sandwich and found a bus to take me back to the hotel...

The Calangute beach.. see it to believe it... 

Close to sunset... was a beautiful sight.. had to walk a bit to find this silent spot... :-)

Lemme leave you basking in the beach while i go write what else kept me all smiles in Goa......


  1. goa poitu kovila!!!avvvvvvvvvvvv kandipa ungaluku sorgam kanfirmednga

  2. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time.. how many days? where else did you go? River mandovi is beautiful, i think there is a cruise there.. did you go?

    and amazing, you travelled alone to Goa.. hats off...!!! :)

  3. Goa la kovil kuda erukka, and the god takes many forms when prayed.. i need that very much :)

    //I eagerly put up my hand //
    neenga evlo bakthi maann nu theriyudhu :)

    I have done water scooter thing, it was fun yet to do the para sailing, lets see may be goa is the place :)

    Calangute beach is so very crowded like ranganaadhan street lol thanks i dropped the plan to go there during new year :)


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