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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 13 - to the hills we go

I think this was the 1st time my Mom was going on a Holiday Holiday... When we were in Tirunelveli, dad used to have these office trips - uber fun... Been to so many places thanks to that opportunity!! 

In May, finally, after many pushes and shoves, mom gramma and uncle K [who was visiting from USA] decided to pack their bags and head off to the Hills , to spend a few days with another uncle-aunt.. This uncle built a home in Kodaikanal few years back, and has been asking gramma to come stay since then... Not one to take holidays, my gramma/mom never bothered until this year... I had just returned from Ooty, and would have accompanied them had it not been for work... My sis was busy with her last few days in Chennai, and cousin,well, he was just lost in his world... 

The troops were in Kodai after over a decade, and came back gushing about their trip... The days were filled walking along the lakethe kurinji andavar temple, visiting other family friends, enjoying the cool climate, experimenting with cooking, the warmth and fun of being away from home... granpa dint go- he has a bit of heart condition and so, no hill stations for him!!

We got some beautiful pashmina shawls, interesting cheese [ garlic, pepper and basil], a box of home made chocolates and oodles of scintilating gossip and tales.... Gramma couldnt stop talking about how wonderful 
the home was, or the garden, or the hospitality of aunt[s]/uncle, the maid... Apparently, one night all had gone out to dinner at Rasoi, subsequent to which most of them fell ill with a bad tummy!! Interesting adventures...Uncle came back refreshed, mom and gramma came back wowwed[hopefully they will take more holidays]

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