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Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Mosaic Monday] Burst of colours

Today, while going through my google reader, came upon a blog post titled Mosaic Monday, looked interesting and so decided to take it up and do a post of my own!!

Over the past few months, the roads have taken me in many different directions, the most memorable being the one to Madurai and Rameswaram... Madurai has many memories from my childhood days, while Rameswaram had been on my "Must visit" list for over 2yrs now!!

The temples, the beach, the place -Beautiful experience!! 

The other vacation i took was most recent, absolutely inexpensive, but most fun!! It was to my uncle's Coffee plantations in Biccode... A comfortable bus journey from Bangalore to Belur, and then a 4 wheel drive into the plantations..All we did was walk amidst tall trees, look for the elusive birds, and capture some interesting flowers and sights....

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  1. Liked the post...and the variety of topices also.temples and nature nice combination

  2. Wonderful pictures!!!! You surely had a grand time! Cathy

  3. Beautiful mosaic.

    Have a great week.

  4. Very lovely mosaic of flowers and temples.


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