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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebrating Chennai.... Grandeur

December of 2012 has been a month that had the most positives and a few negatives as well. The highest point was a bit of Self indulgence, something I've not done ever and something am not really comfortable doing... 

So, what did I do? I used the vouchers I won during the Indiblogger meet held in Oct'12.   I had won a 1N/2D stay and also had a Lunch for 2 at Madras Pavilion... Got back from Ooty, checked the vouchers, gasped upon reading they expire on 31st Dec, called and made reservations for 29th and off i went... 

ITC Grand Chola true to its name, is Grand. From the foyer to the rooms, the swimming pool to the lobby, everything is just grand. The little touches, the Veena, the Brahadeeswara temple like architecture, the majestic chandeliers all make it a magical experience. Wandering through the corridors, I allowed myself to float away to la la land, letting go of any inhibitions i had, yes, it did feel weird being there, feeling like a Queen, but i told myself that i had earned it and that helped soak in the experience.

This is the lobby on the floor my room was in, the 20th Floor, called EVA. And no, you cannot just hop into the elevator and get here.. You need access, either a room card or one of the staff to guide you.. A floor dedicated to Single women travellers. How cool is that?

The next morning while heading for breakfast, i watched a team of about 3guys put together this massive flower arrangement. They finished on one side of the staircase before moving over to the other. Phew...

Was fascinated by this piece on the center table near the Ottimo restaurant on the 1st floor. It was beautiful, elegant and artistic..

This is the new hotel in Chennai and looks like it is changing the hospitality industry.. Giving people a surreal experience, and altering the way we look at hotels and restaurants!!!


  1. lovely!!!! the floor dedicated to single women travellers is such a grt idea! we shd have more like that!

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  3. Nice photos, have delicious color. Greetings.


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