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Monday, September 20, 2010

A dream comes true!

Visions of towering temples
Beautiful carvings on the rocks
Rows of pillars
Gushing waters
Fascinating Sloth bears

were images that flashed through my mind when i thought of Hampi.. A destination i had been wanting to visit for almost a year now!! Kept wondering if it will ever happen and when....... Had infact made a pact with my friend A that we will visit Hampi together..
The chariot in Vittala Temple

Out of the blue, the call from Lakshmi was all it took to regain my faith in "dreams coming true"... She called to ask if i wanted to come along to Hampi with her to try out the new Jungle Lodges property -Sloth Bear Resort and explore the place. I dint need more than a minute to make up my mind and excitement rushed through me....  
 The swing hanging from the tree high above and a doll on it.. at Mango tree, Hampi

I decided to visit the place, explore as much as possible in the 2days we were there and then go back for more.. [Detailed post and pictures once i reach Chennai]


  1. ha..hope you guys had fun :D Oh..and haven't been to hampi..should go. :)

  2. ya..it was great fun vishesh :)u shd go

  3. looking forward to your pics and travelogue... and let me admit, I m envying you!!!

  4. the second pic a winner.
    Great post.

  5. Thanks all..

    Looking fwd to writing the experience i had at Hampi!! :))


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