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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time to sail away....

All planning done
Everything has been sorted out [almost]
Only thing that remains is we pack our bags and scoot...

This is yet another 1st of sorts..A vacation with high school girl pals, one that we have been looking forward to for years now. Dont care much for the places, facilities, but we know we are going to have a blast!! After much deliberation, a destination was finalised, tickets booked and the train is ready to take us away in a day's time!! 

Till about an hour ago, i was happily going about the day thinking the train journey was set for Sat-13th Nov Night, and a phone call from V broke that spell... We are off tomorrow night...

Well, that is going to remain a mystery, atleast for those who dont know.... Here is a sneak peek to where....

4 days
3 destinations....
4 girls... and 1 little [nearly 2yrs old] bunny boy in tow !! :D
Off we go....

See y'all on 18th!


  1. havea good trip but is that somewhere in orissa Bhubhneshwar ... If i am right then i been to this hotel .. but maybe i am wrong :)

    Bikram's Question time

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!! Is it kerala by any chance???

  3. Thanks lakshmi and Shrinidi... it was indeeed a wondeful trip....

  4. Bikramjit- onpe, although i do want to visit Orissa as well.. this is in the other end of the country- Kerala.. a place called Coir village resort, abt 45kms from Allepey and accessible by Boat/ferry only

  5. Anu- You are absolutely right.. Kerala it was.. we spent 3days at this awesome resort called Coir village, abt 45kms from Allepey n accessible by boat.. beautiful place.. and then a day in Kovalam/Varakala/Trivandrum and back to chennai :)


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