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Friday, June 3, 2011

Skywatch Friday Cones in the sky

During our brief visit to Kochi, we travelled to a nearby town called Thirupunithura, where we discovered an entire maze of lanes filled with palaces.. Some of them were simply called Palace 1, Palace 13, while others had names- Lakshmi Thopu Palace and Bungalow Palace. As we walked around, while trying to capture a sneak peek into the palaces, i managed to see only the roofs.. They looked like Cones against the sky... 

The palaces were not majestic or grand, but were palatial houses. Some of which have become wedding halls, while others are occupied by descendants from the Royal families...We see swanky cars, kids clad in T shirts and jeans running about, and modern life seems to have taken over these traditional palaces.... 

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  1. Thanks for the shots from tpra...

  2. These should be preserved as heritage sites.

  3. i initially they were pyramids! I hope they're being preserved well.

  4. Thank you all :)

    Marites- Yes, they all look intact, just that the space around the building looks haunted, n a mess


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