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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skywatch Friday- Green fields and blue skies

Friday is here, and i look forward to feasting on the beautiful skies shared across the blogsville... It also brings with it fond memories as i glance through some of the experiences i have gathered over the years, albeit too few to brag about... 

There are 2 friends of mine, high school gal pals who have both been wanting to visit Hampi for a while now.. Infact they were talking about the place far more than me, and it so happened i got the opportunity to travel and experience a wee bit of what Hampi has to offer.  I sure hope they make the trip before the year ends!

While in Hampi, i did manage to cross over to Anegundi and explore a few sights there as well. Going by the Coracle on the river was quite an experience in itself. I dint know swimming, water was flowing quite to the brim and the coracle looked near flat, and had people sitting across every square inch of space. But thankfully, the fear left me before reading the shore, which is what had me relaxed and looking forward to discovering some of the hidden treasures there.. 

After a hot cup of tea in a small tea shop run by a woman, i hopped into an auto, and went over to a few sights suggested by the auto driver. Enroute, there was so much greenery, it was such a pleasant journey, making me forget the blazing heat for a few moments.. 

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  1. What a beautiful view! I love that each of the colours seem to pop out :)

  2. Hampi is a great place to be. Lot of photo opportunities there.

  3. We have some fond memories too of our trip to Hampi, entering it by the coracle from Anegundi. Totally charming! Next time around, we'll make sure we have more time there and also sit around having a cup of tea and going by what the locals know. That is a good idea!


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