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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Octagonal Bath, Hampi

All around was nothing but barren land, but in the distance i spotted a structure. Was that for real or was my mind playing tricks on me? Yes, the sun was blazing, and i was hot & dehydrated. We had come this far, why not spend a few minutes exploring the area said my mind.. Trudging ahead, we parked the jeep and hopped off towards the structure amidst ruins and rocks. 

That is when  i spotted the sign board "Octagonal Bath". gigantic bathing area made in the shape of an Octagon.  There was a small corridor or sorts around the center, lined with pillars on either sides. In the center was a huge octagonal shaped platform. 

I am assuming the area around this center platform is where the water was filled. "Looks like they had a jacuzzi back then and really lived it up" were the thought running in my head. 


  1. So dry and abandoned now.
    Great pictures.

  2. Nice one. The only other like this I know is the Swastik shaped Well with well laid steps where 8 people can take bath without being visible to the other at Thiruva(e)llarai(near Trichy).

  3. The place is so beautiful, but yeah looks totally being neglected! Jacuzzi of older times!

  4. @indrani= I know.. :(

    @varadh- Ah, interesting.. Havent heard of this place [we did look for interesting sites to explore while in Trichy.] shall mark this for the next visit..

    @vaish- Yep, it is neglected and now we also find homeless ppl loitering the grounds, or random strangers using it as to catch an afternoon nap


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