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Friday, May 4, 2012

Skywatch Friday- Where they meet

"Poompuhar welcomes you" was the signboard i saw up ahead. We were really here and headed towards the delta. The town bore a sleepy look, probably because it was a Sunday afternoon. I remember studying about Cauvery poompattinam back in high school Tamil lessons.


There were a few kids running about, some playing cricket under the blazing sun, while others sat around half asleep. As we drove on, we passed by three arch ways- 1st was Nalan, then came Dhamayanthi, and there was a 3rd one, i cant recall the name on it though [will come back update once i do remember].. Finally, we reached the road that ran parallel to the delta, all the way to a small temple. 

We parked the car and began walking on the sand, the sun beating down on the us the whole time. The sand was nearly black in colour, but fine as can be. At a distance we saw the Cauvery river where a couple of fishermen were taking a quick bath before heading home for lunch. And on the left, we saw the ocean, the waves gently sweeping into the delta and welcoming the river. What a beautiful sight that was. it formed a small canal of sorts with sand shore on either side. A man i noticed came walking from the other side, wading through the water towards us.  

The sand we were walking on was fairly soft, wet, and looked like it would cave into the ocean any moment... It was quite a memorable moment being there, soaking it all in.  With not a single soul in sight, i enjoyed being there with nothing but a few crabs trotting about on the sand and the sound of the gentle waves.

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  1. I would love to revisit if I get the opportunity. Great shots!

  2. Wonderful shots! Happy sky watching.

    My Sky.

  3. I stay very close to this place but have never visited the same. I think next semester I have to plan one. Thanks Aarti for the lovely pictures and post.

    Joy always,

  4. nice post.. when did u go?

  5. @deepti- Went last year Sep[around my Birthday], spent a few days along the coromandel coast- Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Tranquebar, karaikal, poompuhar, etc etc... was an awesome trip :))

  6. Susan- where do you live/study? you should visit, the place is so calm, empty and serene [if you like that kind of surrounding]

  7. The delta doesn’t impress me much... but your photos captured it so well. I was there in March end on a sunny Sunday noon and we took the broken road till the temple and only my cousin went near the mouth of river to take pictures.


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