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Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Cars, Women and Mahabalipuram

I love cars, I also love bikes, older the better... Yep, that is me. So, when Tas Aunty posted about The Redline Automotives Vintage Car Rally, I immediately said yes and was all set to maybe ride in one of them beauties or atleast spend time exploring them. The former dint happen, but atleast the latter did.   All the 5 cars in this rally were restored by legendary racer Mr. Ayub Khan - 2 times National Champion - JK Tyres National Champion. His son,  Feroz Khan, the reigning champion was also part of the rally, driving the car that took him to victory.

Even though there were a few hiccups and delays, we had a good time on Sunday. Avanthi, Deepa & I rode in Aunty's Vitara, we met her to be daughter in law, yapped a bit before heading over to Mahabs to Butterball Bed & Breakfast [belongs to the Gatsby group] wait for the Vintage rally team to arrive. Famished, we dug into food the minute the tables were laid out and no sooner did we hear the rumble tumble of the engines pulling into the parking lots. The cars were beauties, each of them shining bright and standing proudly. 

There was a Plymouth Valiant, Pontiac Silver-Streak, 2 Volkswagen Beetles [1 was a bright orange and the other pure white- the beetle instantly reminded me of one of my fav movies- Herbie goes to monte carlo], and a Ford Fairlane. The cars smelt of fresh leather and paint, the steering wheels, the seats, the dashboard,  the rear view mirrors, the door handles, the boot, the name plate- wow, they were etched to perfection. There were also 4 bikes that uncle had restored, but fearing a break down or any damage, they remained home.

An hour or so, a gazillion photographs and a few contended souls then made the way back to the group before heading out to explore the Krishna's Butterball.  It was literally across the road from the B&B, and we spent about an hour wandering the premises, checking out the Thrimurthy caves, taking photographs, and cracking up non stop. We even met 2 people who were exploring South India and were from France. They told us they were headed to spend a week at Auroville, not only visit the sites but also learn a bit of yoga.  

A quick cup of tea, and we were back on the road. This time Aunty was with us and the cracking continued. The day ended with a quiet dinner, well, not so quiet considering the number of mosquitoes that kept buzzing around us, amidst an awesome dinner at Crimson Chakra :-) 

For photographs, please visit the album


  1. wonderful!! i would have loved a ride in one of those beauties too!!

  2. Ha! How did I miss that one... The cars look awesome! You seem to have had an awesome time!!

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