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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guess the destination

Well, it has been quite a while since I travelled.. And so I have decided to take a short holiday, and this time am travelling with a dear friend.

Where am I headed? Well, that is for me to know and for you to guess.. And if you guess right, a small something awaits you :)

So, leave your guess in the comment and wait for me to update!!

There are beaches
There are mountains and Hills
There are elephants and then there are people
There are temples 
There are tea plantations and 
There are interesting dishes... 
Where am I headed to ?

Oh yes, if you are among the few who know where I am headed, shh, stay away and you shall get a small something.. lol..

See you all soon~!!


  1. Well, the place is Kerala - The God's Own Country!!!! -
    Beaches - Kovalam, Ernakulam, etc
    Mountains and hills - vaithamala, bansura hill, etc
    Elephants - Kerala is known for them, ain't it
    People - aww the cordial people in traditional attire
    Temples: My fav padmanabha swamy koil <3
    Tea Plantations: All over munnar
    Dishes: Puttu <3 and lots more

    It's Kerala FTW

  2. First guess would be Kerala. But I think I see the ocean in the picture, so my second guess would be Sri Lanka. :)

  3. Wish you had not given so many clues. seeing the fb outpost came here to write "you must be going "la la la" with shakira for the fifa host nation" but then seeing these clues, I have to rule it out. I can only think of Kerala and SriLanka which to my knowledge fits in lot of the clues. Happy Break!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  4. I know I know. Wondering whether I should respond. Bring me a gift from the land of beaches, hills, tea, elephants and of course L...E!

    Have a lovely trip.

    Joy always,

  5. Kerala (domestic)
    Thailand (international)

    Which one?


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