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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Challenge- A day in Pondicherry with me - 4- The Roads

A day in Pondicherry with Me- 3- The Museum

Ah, it had been one fabulous day, well, a few hours actually. All I did was wander about, read a book, have some breakfast and explore the town that I was so familiar with. I did not call my uncle/aunt to enquire what they were upto, heck I did not call anyone. 

It is so exhilarating being on your own. No agenda, nobody nagging you, above it all, it gave me a sense of being free. Not that am in shackles otherwise, but you get the drift right? I have always been one to enjoy my own company, I can go for hours without meeting/talking to someone else and it has always bothered me that people assume am alone and lonely, ergo must be miserable/sad. Nope. Honestly speaking there have been very few circumstances where I have felt lonely, and that feeling passes as quickly as it sets in. 

I did do a spot of shopping, picked up some knick knacks for the family and friends. Thats about it. While walking around Pondicherry town, I did manage to observe a lot more than I have done on my earlier trips. The roads were pretty barren, considering it was a week day and early hours. Made it all the more exciting for me :) 

 Inside the Bharathi park..

Along the beach..

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  1. Bharathi park had some lovely sunflowers when I last visited there - loved the colourful autos of pondy too!
    And yes being solo is not the same as Alone / Lonely!! Cheers to that Aaroo!!


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