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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The River, The Heritage and The Loot.. Goa Part 4 Finale!!

Phew.. writing this Goa travelogue took more energy than packing my bags and spending those awesome days out there!! :)

Read these earlier posts, to know how my journey was.... 

the South goa tour then took us to  the Colva beach .. This has to be the most favorite beach of mine in all of Goa... so beautiful.. calm.... the sand was wet and flat like a well laid out cement floor, and it was just woww!!! 

This is where i decided to give Water scooter a try... what rush.. wanted to do parasailing, alas, too crowded and time was up by the time crowd fizzled out... ! Always a next time!! 

The ripples formed by a small stream as it joined the ocean

A lone star fish..

next time i shall!!

Moi... got a guy who was with his family to click, turned out he was a professional photographer and one who wasnt too crazy about SLRs... "I dont know when i last use an SLR, he said parting ways..."!!! :D

Following this came the romantic, beautiful,mystical cruise on River Mandovi, in Panjim... I had paid for this while booking South goa tour, the cruise was just Rs150/- 

We reached the dock at 5.30, hopped on the cruiseliner, explored a bit, before making our way to the top, open air, with chairs laid out, and a view to die for... The cruise was for an hour, there was a Dj belting out some famous numbers, a dance floor, and an MC who kept the crowd entertained.. Oh, we witnessed a few popular local Goan dances as well ... 

Not just these, the vessel had a Bar, snack counter, a discotheque in the basement floor as well... Good fun...!!! a new kinda experience... one that i enjoyed like crazyyyyyyyyy.... !!! :) 

The moon shining bright in the sky... Ahh, what a sight it was...

The following day was free.. infact that morning, got a call from Fernandez asking if i wanna do one more tour, but declined his offer as i wanted to explore some of the town on my own.... Set about walking along the road near the hotel.... Found this place called Calizz, kinda like our Dakshin Chitra...

Check out pictures here [we arent allowed to take pictures inside the buildings]

My entry ticket..Rs200.. but totally worth it..

They have restored couple of houses- from Pre and Post Portuguese eras...Lovely stuff... to look at how people lived before and after.. The guide Kunal made is so interesting, i was lapping up every word he uttered...

After an hour or so around here, i took the bus and headed to Anjuna market to generally chill out... A friend had reccomended this place called Curlies, quite nice.. Lounge kinda arena, sit back, wit a book in hand a breezer.. sheer bliss!!! ;)

The loot i brought home from Goa.. [Sri, here it is... :D] 

Anjuna Beach -from that local gypsy kinda woman.... Bracelets , neck pieces and a pouch...  and err, other stuff.. ;o

Till next time... Toodle doooo~!!! :-)


  1. Wowww.... hearing about it and reading about it makes me feel like i was there with u.. nice.. glad u had a lovely time.. but i was worried cos u were alone...

    hope to see u soon kannu...

  2. Sema pictures! that lone star, ripples on the colvo beach are my favourite.

    Very interesting portuguese window pattern.

    //next time i shall!!// I read it as next time insha allah LOL :)

    //Phew.. writing this Goa travelogue took more energy//

    Padicha engalukku energy vandhuche :) lovely travelogue thanks a lot aarti! :)

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