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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lal Bagh...Flowers, Feathered friends, and Fotography

It was saturday, and i was up at 5.45am - much to my aunt's surprise and ready to scoot by 6am.. What was the occasion? Was going to Lal Bagh Gardens to catch the sunrise and shoot a few pictures of the beautiful gardens... the previous night, while chatting with a friend, he mentioned that he had plans of heading to the gardens and i jumped saying am coming...Infact i wasnt even sure if i had my camera since i was staying over at an aunt's house just that night [ had asked friend to bring me his digi cam]

Lady luck was grinning down at me, i had my camera...Borrowed a shawl from aunt[am not a shawl sweather person, but travelling by auto in chill weather can be taunting..hence the cover]... Reached the gardens at 6.30 and began the journey that was not only beautiful but peaceful.

In the midst of all the walkers and joggers, i stood out strolling through the various lanes, soaking in the beauty of nature, clicking at random things that caught my eye..Paused near the glass house to see if anything from the flower show remained.. The Qutb Minar and A lady with the pot of water were the only ones waiting , as if they knew i was coming...

As i strode along the gardens, a sense of calm and peace settled over me...Amidst the morning busy bees, i happily let myself get lost.. There were times i paused to enjoy the sight of squirrels scurrying about, the Brahmini Kite chase a lone crow, few stray dogs look at me like they knew me and were protecting me....

Those few hours were blissful..I was lost in my own world, with my thoughts and cherished it all.. My friend, the one who was to have come early, reached about half hour later, and from there on, we chatted, took more photographs and caught up on our lives..

Explored new parts of the park i had never been to, shared a few laughs over the pelicans that were flying about, one sitting right on top of a dead tree.. the crows longing for attention eeverytime we tried taking a picture of the pelican or the lotus in the pond or the lovely palm trees...

Spotted quite a few grey heron, pond heron, kites, kingfisher, drongo, spotted dove, bulbul, cormoron, parrots and some others which i had never seen before... Shot a video of a bird so i could show it to my cousin to identify it.. Was good fun....

There are times when being alone is just what we need and for me, it is precious. I long to escape the hustle bustle, people, thoughts, deadlines, future and everything else that make our Life what it is...

With so much around us, i realised, its all upto us to find what makes me happy, what keeps us grounded and what drives us ahead...

For more pictures of Lal Bagh click here ... Off on another adventure!!! write to you soon!!


  1. lovely pics Aaarti..it s been long time since i last visited Bangalore..ur pics wants me to make that trip....thanks for sharing...:))

  2. You make me fall in love with Bangalore all over again :)

  3. great pics, Aarti... its been ages since i visited lalbagh!!!

  4. Beautiful shots. Even I wanted to see the Lalbagh flower show. I was told this place has been crowded and I skipped this. I wish I had been here.

  5. You were in my town, nice! Good to see the town I live and love (in spite of all the infra hiccups) seen through a different lens. Thanks.


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