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Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Skywatch Friday] Ablaze

As we got back home after a short sweet visit to Hebbal Lake, the city lights seemed to be competing with the sky lights... 

A day later, as i was on the train taking me back to Chennai, the sky seemed to light the way keeping me company for as long as possible... beautiful..... 

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  1. that 2nd picture with the orange sun is beautiful

  2. cool, the second one is little blurred but still good

  3. And Skylights always win over the city lights. :-)

    I love the contrasts during a sunrise and sunset on a train journey as the backdrop consistently changes.

    For a richer standout color, see if you can use the manual mode and set your color tone (the one which allows you options like Sepia, Black and White, Negative etc) to Vivid (or some similar option).


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