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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365 Day 33 Step it up

Up we go, down we go
We climb over obstacles
and we at times, jump over hurdles
We go down difficult times
and we at times, even slide down what looks like a smooth path

These steps reminded me of life, and of how we keep fighting everyday to battle the highs and lows.
Taken at the War Memorial, Chennai, the steps lead up to a pillar that is a monument in memory of those who gave their lives in war...


  1. nice shot! am thinking of signing up for this too... sounds really interesting.. and then, maybe i will post everyday! and where is this war memorial? have never been there :(

  2. Anu- as it is you post everyday and i am in awe of your patience to write long in detail posts patiently everyday :) I wish i could do that , but instead have taken this up more to keep my blog alive

    this war memorial is on the Beach Road, near Island Grounds. it is infact located to the south of Fort St. George.. have been here once, want to visit again, but wonder when that will happen...

  3. Oh yeah, have been there when I was studying...always used to see it, while going to and fro from the station....

    Loved ur intro lines...


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