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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rendezvous of a different kind in Auroville

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The majestic cobra woven around what looked like a torch stood out against the pale yellow background. Sharing space on the wall was another painting that reminded me of a rainbow or maybe a hippie. Must be because of all the vibrant colours splashed on the canvas.  I was in Auroville near Pondicherry, except this time i had decided to explore the place little more than usual.

Curious to know the artist’s name, i peered into the canvas when a voice resounded in my ear, “These are by Hufreesh Dumasia, she is from the Auroville village” she said before i could strike up a conversation. Minutes later, i spotted her speaking to a lady. Beckoning me with the wave of a hand, she introduced me to the other lady saying she was the one who had created the masterpieces on display.

auroville front

Striking up a conversation, i learnt that hailing from Mumbai, Hufreesh is one of the artists who has made Auroville their home. She came here to pursue higher studies, but today has settled here and has initiated a project with the sole focus of bringing together artist from various corners of the country and the world. She is keen on spreading the value of art and its role in a community life.

auroville tee

Auroville is a township created by The Mother to unite people of the world, and there are many who have made this village their home. They work, contribute towards the upkeep and sanctity of the place apart from pursuing interesting careers like art, music, dance and teaching languages to students from around the town.
Hufreesh mentioned there were quite a few who were very talented, had been painting for years and  have had shows across the world. “I am so much at peace and have begin to look forward to every day since moving to Auroville. My life before was such a stark contrast. 

Now when i pick up an empty canvas, i simply let my mind wander, i don’t have an agenda, i don’t have any ideas, i just let my hand weave the magic” she chirps with a big smile lighting up her face. Before i could ask her more, she was called away dashing off with a “Au Revoir” [Good bye in French].
auroville path


Everytime i have made a trip down to Pondicherry, i have spent a couple of hours at Auroville. But this was the 1st time i had wanted to do something different and meeting a resident of the village was definitely a surprise rendezvous. I spent a few minutes looking around at the other paintings before walking down the path towards the Matri Mandir. The gentle drizzle and silence around made it quite an experience.I got back to the parking lot wondering if there was a way for me to spend some time in this Auroville village!

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  1. @mridula- It is... quite huge, and aright at the entrance to matri mandir :)
    How have you been?

  2. Love this awesome place. its so calm and quiet.


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  4. This is one place I have yet to visit ...... probably this year :-)

  5. Hey Aarti, very nice account of Auroville...I was part of a theatre group for a while n we had a trainer who was this french lady who lived out of Auroville.. she said that its a melting point of cultures and creativity where people just stay back for the lifestyle which is purely driven by the dance of one's inner voice.. :)

    Great post, great pics, Aarti :)

  6. This post was fantastic! You made some great points.


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