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Friday, February 3, 2012

Holiday Haiku

Last month, Club Mahindra ran a #holidayhaiku contest on Twitter.. I won on the 3rd day and again won a consolation prize... More than winning, the excitment of being able to relive the holidays i had taken, the journeys i had been on was the highlight of the contest. 

The rules of the game:
1. Write only on Travel
2. The verse should be poetic [or something similar]
3. Fit within 140 characters [including the hashtag and CM handle]

Have managed to retrieve almost all the Holidayhaikus i had contributed.... 
1. A lone turtle enjoys the palace pond; hidden stairways lead to water tanks; doors so low i had to stoop;                  
2. Sunset from Matanga hill; Queens bath & Vittala temple standing tall; coracle across to Anegundi;Castle in hills

3. Markandeyan with his parents humble abode; karaikal ammayar blessing on narrow lane; Cauvery river meets ocean!

4. Another brick on the wall;a camel hissing for I blocked its path;river inviting us with gentle ripples,Pushkar!  

5. Riding on a bike, feeling the wind on your face, simply letting go is all that a holiday means to me!  

6. Lounging feet near the ocean; chilled breezer, click click of heritage structures; picturesque, buzzing Goa.  

7. Drenched in mist in Ooty, wandering the premises of Sims park; nutmeg pickle & jams divine;Rum balls in coonoor ...

8. Gandhi statue,Dinner at Rendezvous;Heritage walk along near empty streets; old meets new hand in hand in Pondy!...

9.Climbing the stairs to rockfort temple; silent prayer at Lourdes church;watching butterflies at puliancholai.. 

Do share your comments and feedback while i go collect the remaining .. 


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