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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Celebrating Chennai... Waiting..


Just realised I had quite a few images taken around the city I call home- Chennai. Decided to start a series on the blog titled "Celebrating Chennai". Shall share a picture every Thursday!! :-)

Look fwd to comments and inputs!! 

Here is the 1st photograph. This was taken during the recent Photowalk around Chindatripet, near Egmore.. I had attended the Roof top Film fest and so had not got a second's rest, but managed to attend the photowalk, well, atleast 80% of it. 

As we walked along the narrow lanes in Chindatripet, there were so many houses tucked away amidst the shops and street hawker stalls. Many of them am sure were more than a few decade old, and some had a grill door that hid the main entrance and the house. This one particular house had a huge arch entrance, with a platform of sorts on both sides where people could sit on when waiting for a resident to come meet them. On this, i spotted an elderly lady sitting, staring into empty space. I looked at her, asked if i could take a photograph of her sitting there. She smiled [quite a sad smile] and said "Yes, eduthukko"  

When i asked her if she was generally hanging out on a sunday morning, she said she was waiting for her daughter in law to call her when her customary 2nd cup of coffee was ready... If i am inside, the children keep coming to me asking me to tell them stories, she does not like that you see.... Sigh.. felt bad... Just as i was grasping for words, i heard a voice come from within and the old lady slowly made her way to enjoy her cup of coffee.. 


  1. Aarathi...liked it the image and the story....

  2. Lovely pic, Aarti..especially the blend of colours. Ironically, while the accompanying story seems a tad sad yet sweet, the colours in the photograph are bright yellow, representing joy and optimism :-)

  3. nice one, Aarti! looking forward to more in the series

  4. Lovely photo Aarti. Nice composition.


  5. Love the series :)
    And the coffee would have surely pepped her up :)

  6. Beautifully written Aarti, very evocative, though you used such few words.

  7. The photography speaks the story itself. Your observation and narration and photography all are really awesome.


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