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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White walls of St. Teresa’s Church, Chennai

The three images were taken a few seconds within each other. The skies changed, the tempo changed and the chapel looked so different.

This is St. Teresa’s Church in Nungambakkam, Chennai, bang opp Ispahani Center.  It has been a landmark of sorts from my college days and recently got a face-lift. The St. Teresa’s Church was established in 1912, houses a school within the walls helping the underprivileged  A few years ago, I also noticed a small prayer spot come up near the main entrance. This Parish was under the control of the Mill Hill Fathers until 1929. Later, it came under the control of the Diocese of Madras. The people at this parish are engaged in uplifting the poor through education.

You can read about the renovations here- The Hindu

Submitting this as part of Wordless Wednesday theme from Chennai Bloggers Club and to my Celebrating Chennai series. :-)


  1. True that. It looks as though they are three different steeples. The sky and the light make all the difference!

    Lovely picture and words, Aarti.

    Joy always,

  2. Good picture.
    I wish to visit this place one day

  3. Nice captures!


  4. Magnificent Church! Nice post.



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