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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sikkim Diaries... The itinerary for the 9 day trip...

[Clicked this enroute Yumthang valley.. Rhodendron flowers were in full bloom]

Since I came back from Bhubaneshwar, I was busy chugging along life- work and things were happening and there were quite a few day trips and road trips that happened with friends/guys [most of which were unplanned]... And then, one day I stumbled upon Justwravel's insta story mentioning Sikkim. that was it! Within a few days, I had made up my mind and was looking at flight tickets [ which were sky rocketing, but then this sector is always on the higher side, esp cos I was looking at flights from Chennai to Bagdogra and not Kolkatta or other places in between. ] ... 

After quite a bit of deliberation, chit chat with friends and Rohan [justwravel], I finally decided to take the plunge and book my tickets.. Told myself that I rarely indulge and dont overspend on anything, so it was fine to spend 20k on flight tickets... :-) 

What was my agenda in Sikkim? Well, it did not include the typical touristy places which meant the places I was gonna go to would be offbeat and quite isolated.. Yayy!!  Here is the short version of all the places I went to during the 9 days there... 

Bagdogra / NJP/Siliguri to Gangtok ( 125 Kms ) - Overnight at Gangtok
Gangtok to Lachen (107 kms) - Overnight at Lachen
Lachen to Gurudongmar & onwards to Lachung [52 kms]- Overnight at Lachung
Lachung to Yumthang Valley, Zero Point & onwards to Dzongu [59kms]- Overnight at Dzongu
Dzongu local Experiences - Overnight at Dzongu
Dzongu to Gangtok (70 Kms)- Overnight at Gangtok
Gangtok to Gnathang (65 Kms) - Overnight at Gnathang
Gnathang to Aritar (72 KMs)- Overnight at Aritar
Aritar to Bagdogra / NJP/Siliguru and leave for respective home base/destination..
The plan on Justwravel site..
Detailed posts coming up on this.. If you are planning a trip to Sikkim or any of the places up North, do check out Justwravel. They do a lot of treks, and most trips are ex Delhi but completely worth it... I have done two trips with them so far and found them to be amazing.. well organised, planned out and touch wood, the gang has been small + good fun as well. 

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