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Friday, July 6, 2018

The blue blue skies in Leh

A few days back a friend pinged and asked how my Leh trip was, how much did it cost, how many days, etc etc.... She went on to ask if there was good wi-fi signal there, and that made me chuckle. Cos once you are up in the hills, mobile connectivity is dicey, leave alone wifi. Told her the same and she gasped, asking how we survived there for ten days with no connectivity...  

I told her the blue skies and long stretches of roads, the local people, food, activities kept us busy and we were all happy to be lost in the hills. Well, here are some of the blue blue skies that came along with us during the Leh trip... 

And then there is the other group of people who ask me "Why did you go to Leh, Ladakh?", "What is there to do there?" 

To them I say "If you are looking for botanical gardens or zoo or maybe a whole bunch of churches, temples or beaches like Goa, then dont go to Leh.. Leh is all about the hills, what you see beyond the horizon, the endless stretches of roads, the monestaries, the few palaces and the millions of other sights that will leave you breathless.. It is not a destination you go expecting a zillion fun activities, but then it is fun if you like being in the middle of nowhere, walking aimlessly following the snow capped mountains, or sitting by the river/lake freezing your butt off and clicking pictures... " 

For me it is the sheer joy of being away, away from the city, away from the craziness of daily routine, an opportunity to experience a new town, meet new people, try their local food, enjoy their culture and to just unwind ..

What is your kind of holiday? Have you been to the Hills? What did you think of them?


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